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Joan Whitman Hoff, Ph.D.


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 Select Articles, Guest Blogs and Podcasts:

"The Dynamic Landscape of Canadian Philosophy: Three Views of Philosophical Reflection and Refutation" in American Review of Canadian Studies, (Fall 2021)

Covation Center Chapter on Ethics and Business, Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

"The Least We can Do".  Guest Post for Skip Cohen University. (July 2015)

"The Moral Dimensions of the Profession of Photography".  Guest Post for Skip Cohen University. (June 2015)

"Good Ethics is Good Business". Weekly Wisdom with Skip Cohen: (June 2015)

"Understanding the Role that Visual Crowding, Text Size and Type, and Digital Ink Play in Reading,  Teaching, and Learning." Teaching Matters, V 5.5, 2013

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"Theoretical Frameworks for Worker-Management Cooperation",  International Association of Quality Circles, State of the Art Conference Proceedings, 1989

The Language of Art", in The Planet (Providence, 1976)


The Quill (Bald Eagle Art League Newsletter)  February 2011 – February 2012; Editor and Writer

Editor, The Pennsylvania Canadian Studies Association Newsletter, 1998-2009

The American Nature Writing Newsletter,  Regular column on environmental ethics, 1989 -1990

The LHU Hemlock Newsletter:

November 2010, “Prayer Flags and Clootie Trees: Their Place in the Environmental Movement”

December, 2009, “The Environmental Impact of War: An Overview of Overviews”

April 2009, “Ecofeminism”

February 2009, “Some thoughts on the origins of environmental ethics: a tribute to Arne Naess”

September 2008,  “Reflecting upon our relationship with the environment”

Reviews, etc.: 

“Animals and the Value of Life" (Peter Singer), article review, in Ethics and Animals, (vol. 1, #4, December 1980)

"Pumping Iron II:  The Women", movie review, Greater Cincinnati Professional  Women's Association's Center Newsletter, Spring 1986  and in Northern  Kentucky University's Women's Center Newsletter, Spring 1986 and Greater Cincinnati Professional Women's Association  Newsletter, June 1985

Guest Editor, Greater Cincinnati Professional Women's Association Newsletter, June 1985

Poetry and the Arts:

Sunshine Artist Magazine, PA and Mid-Atlantic Reporter, 2013-present

Survivor Poems, J. Whitman Hoff Publishing, 2013

"Five Untitled Poems," in The Revue (San Antonio:  Artists Alliance of San Antonio, July 1983; vol. 6, #11)

"Martha," in The American Poetry Anthology (Santa Cruz: The American Poetry Association, vol. 1, #s 3 & 4, Fall/Winter 1982)


 "Women in Sports", in Sports History:  Selected Materials from Colleges and Universities, D.A. Noverr and L.E. Ziewarz, eds., (NY:  Marcus Wiener Publishing Co., Inc., 1986) with Joan Ferrante Wallace, Ph.D.

"The Black Athlete", in Sports History:  Selected Materials from Colleges and Universities, D.A. Noverr and L.E. Ziewarz, eds., (NY:  Marcus Wiener Publishing Co., Inc., 1986) with Joan Ferrante Wallace, Ph.D.

Select Presentations:

“The Duty of Things,” American Society for Aesthetics Rocky Mountain Division, July 2024

“On the Inner Landscape of Beauty,” American Society for Aesthetics Rocky Mountain Division, July 2023

“In Their Own Words: An Exploration of Indigenous Art and Aesthetics,” American Society for Aesthetics Rocky Mountain Division, July 2022

“Prayer Flags, Prayer Ties, and Clootie Trees: Spiritual, Aesthetic & Environmental Considerations,” American  Society for Aesthetics Rocky Mountain Division, July 2021

 “The Importance of Teaching Africana Philosophies: Challenges and Possibilities – Moving Theory to Practice”, Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum, October 2019

“Not for People Like Us, Museums, Aesthetics, and the Importance of Inclusion in the Contemporary World”, American Society for Aesthetics Rocky Mountain Division, July 2019

Covation Center, "Ethics and Entrepreneurship", Fall 2018 & Spring 2019

Lock Haven University Ethics Center, "Ethics, Entrepreneurship, and the Professional Life", March 2019

American Society for Aesthetics, "Not for People Like Us", July 2019

2018 PASSHE Women's Consortium Conference, "Fostering Diverse Conceptions of Leadership within the Context of Traditional Leadership Paradigms: Professional and Personal Reflections", October 2018

American Aesthetics Society Rocky Mountain Division, "The Epistemic Value of the Photograph: Photography as an Expression, and Determinate, of Self", July 2018

Professional Photographers of PA Business Workshop, "Developing a Code of Ethics for Your Small Business: Why, When, How", May 2018

Lock Haven University, Women's Leadership Conference, "Ethics and Leadership" April 2016

Leadership Clinton County, "Ethics and Leadership" Workshops, 2003 – 2016

"Utopiart".  The Williamsport Philosophy Association.  October 2015