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About Me

Thank you for visiting my page! My passion is to help people develop their critical thinking skills as professionals. I earned my Ph.D. from The American University and have given hundreds of presentations and workshops across the globe.

I have led many workshops on leadership and professional ethics for all professionals including, but not limited to, those in health care, business, education, and photography.  I also have expertise in administration, mentoring, and mediation.

My interests are many and varied.  I have published three books, approximately two dozen articles, and I own a small publishing company, J Whitman Hoff Publishing. My professional and volunteer work has earned me several local, national and international grants and awards.

I am have been trained, and served, as an arbitrator and mediator, and I have also worked as a counselor-trainee.

For a complete list of my activities and achievements, or to inquire about my professional services, please contact me  at joanwhitmanhoff@gmail.com or 570-786-9347.

Joan Whitman Hoff

Sample Workshop Topics

What's Your Philosophy of Business?

Being the Best You Can Be

Career Transitions: Identifying Your Skills and Talents From Your Life's Work.

Understanding Professional Codes of Ethics

Writing a Code of Ethics for Your Organization

Writing a Code of Ethics for Your Small Business

The Moral Dimension of Being a professional: Why it Matters to Your Business

Ethical Leadership

Respectful Engagement with Clients

Developing Your Critical Thinking Skills

Resolving Conflicts

   What does it mean to say that 90% of photography clients are women? 

Art, Photography, and Aesthetics